Please be patient and understanding for us during this time. Remember we were forced shut March 17 to be open for 2 weeks in July to be shut down again and then outdoors last week of August and inside in September just to be shut down 3rd time Dec 6th. 🥺 As confusing as that sounds please imagine how we feel living thru it. We just were allowed to be reopened a few weeks ago and the future is still unknown.

Some of our teammates just now got back to work. And trying to get back in the flow of things. Understand for everyone’s well being and personal situation. We are all trying our best every single day.

Please be patient and kind during this tough time. We are all adjusting to the new changes and trying to make things as comfortable as possible for everyone. Following CDC guidelines and state boards protocols to make sure our team and clients stay safe is our number one priority.

Thank you for understanding.