“ Alone we can do so

little, together we can

do so much. “

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3 Thirty 3 Nail Bar, located in Brea, Costa Mesa and UCI Irvine, 17th St Costa Mesa CA, provides a healthy salon standard on how quality services should be. 3 Thirty 3 Nail Bar services include manicures, pedicures, acrylics/gel nails, polydip gel, color dipping powder, gel X , IBD gel and facial waxing.  Our independent nail artists focus exclusively on the art of nails. Furthermore, our talented supportive team is constantly participating in professional development, health and safety course, product knowledge and learning new techniques to not only further perfect their skills, but to stay abreast of the latest trends in the beauty industry with the support services team making daily operation flow easy for independent workers work in a large space headache free.

Please note: under California Board of Barbering no nail technicians are allowed to cut any ingrown toenails. Our team only specialize in cleaning your cuticles, trim and polish your nails and offering a spa kind of treatment. We can refer you to a specialist foot doctor for that kind of treatment if needed.


* Double Sanitation Technique: We follow a double sanitation method for all instruments and foot baths. This ensures instruments are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected between clients. You will never see technicians pull an instrument from a drawer. Our stainless-steel instruments are auto-claved after going through a timed disinfectant soak to ensure proper sterilization. A clean set of tools then gets placed in medical-grade pouch for each new client.

* Disposables: Supplies such as buffers, pumice stones, foot baths liners, wax sticks, toe separators, gloves, cotton pads, sponges and emery boards gets disposed after one time use. So we do encourage clients to keep them for personal use, otherwise these products go in the trash immediately.

* Contraindications: We turn clients away that have contraindications (i.e. fungus or infection) for the safety of our booth rental team and other clients.

* Licensed Technicians: Our booth rental team are all current and legally licensed to practice in their respective state, free to work their own schedules, cater to their own clients, and operate their own business. Please understand that our Licensed Technicians who are all independent contractors pricing for their artwork, length and time of quality work varies. Everyone is an artist at different levels so pricing is based off of them. Please ask about pricing prior to starting your service. Thank you.